Additional Information



GRW Ghost Wars offers players a competitive environment to participate in a variety of competition based matches.  By reading the following rules you are acknowledging and agreeing to all of the rules that are listed below.  All rules on this website are subject to change at anytime by Admin.


  • Task force captains are in charge of registering their task force members for the events.
  • Task force captains may only register one team per event.  
  • Any changes to a task force roster must be approved by an Admin through email 1 week prior to start of the match.
  • Members may only be registered under one task force.
  • Task force captains must sign up for tournaments and leaderboards within the given sign up dates.  Late admissions are only accepted upon an Admins approval.

Task Force Rosters

  • 4v4 FREE Tournament : 4 task force members and 2 registered substitutes are allowed making a total of 6 members.
  • 4v4 BUY-IN Tournament : 4 task force members and 2 registered substitutes are allowed making a total of 6 members.
  • 4v4 Leaderboard : 4 task force members and 2 registered substitutes are allowed making a total of 6 members.
  • 2v2 Leaderboard : 2 task force members, no substitutes.


  1. Each task force must be pre-paid in order secure a spot in the paid tournament.  
  2. Payments can be made directly from the website under the payments tab after you sign up. 
  3. Refunds will be given if the tournament is cancelled for any reason, or if brackets aren't filled in time. 
  4. If a task force has to back out of the tournament, they are required to contact an Admin at least one week prior to their scheduled match in order to receive a refund.  


(Buy-ins for each tournament may vary.  Be sure to check the buy-in price listed next to the tournament link for current buy in price)

The buy-in for each tournament will be posted upon tournament announcement.  The buy-in for each paid tournament will vary.  Winnings will be divided only between the winning task force members.  A portion of winnings will be collected in a ‘pool’ that will allow us to offer bigger winnings to teams in the future, cash prizes for free tournaments, and merchandise. Winning task force members may collect their winnings in a variety of ways including, deposit into a PayPal account, an Amazon gift card, or a Gamestop gift card. Other prize options will be available in the future.  

Community rules

  Any member that breaks a rule, an Admin or Moderator will contact you directly about the issue.  If a member breaks a rule a second time, this will result in them not being eligible for the next event.  The third time will result in the member being removed and banned from any event.  If a member is removed from the page and finds a way to rejoin, or joins under a different name you will be removed, we will find out.As a growing community we encourage competition and being competitive.  However, in order to remain a member of this community you must follow the rules below:

  1. No posts are permitted that include the promotion of other leagues or tournament pages, racism or hate speech,  or violence outside of the game.  These posts will be removed and the member will be issued a warning.
  2. We encourage a competitive atmosphere, and competition, however you must be respectful to other members.  
  3. Any posts that are made on the Facebook page must be Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War related.
  4. If you suspect that another player is cheating, do not post this publicly in the Facebook group.  Contact an Admin about the issue privately and the Admins will proceed as necessary.
  5. If you are caught cheating in any match that is offered by this page, you will be removed immediately.